Road Riding 101


Road Riding 101, which is Introduction to Road Riding Class prepares students to do the shorter routes (up to 35 miles) at the weekly Wheelmen rides and provides instruction on basic riding skills plus riding safely on public roads. This course will help new or returning adult riders learn to ride safely on public roads while having fun. The class teaches basic riding skills, bike maintenance skills, and helps students become comfortable riding in a group on public roads. The class also introduces students to some very enjoyable Wheelmen routes.

Prerequisites:  None, new or returning adult rider.

During this 5-week course, you will:

  • Receive instruction on safety and communications, the rules of the road, how to ride legally, bicycle clothing, the 5-minute bicycle check, and tire inflation

  • Understand bicycle inspection, bike fit, and helmet fit

  • Learn how to shift and use the brakes and how to fix a flat.

  • Review nutrition and hydration.

  • Ride 15 flat miles at a moderate pace for your first ride.

  • Practice map reading, riding hills, and shifting

  • Ride 24 miles, mostly flat with a few hills, for your second ride.

  • Review shifting and riding hills. Review map reading

  • Ride 30 miles, mostly flat with some hills, for your third ride.

  • Ride 33 miles, mostly flat with some hills, for your fourth ride.

  • Graduate!

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