Route Terrain

Our terrain categories identify a route as being flat, rolling, hilly, or very hilly. We base the category on Climbing Feet Per Mile (CFPM). CFPM is computed by taking the route's total ascension in feet and dividing it by the the route's distance.

For example, the 36-mile route for Woman Hollering has 781 feet of climbing. That would give it a CFPM of 781/36.7 = 21.3.

Another example: the 53-mile route for Rebecca Creek has 2411 feet of climbing. That would give it a CFPM of 2411/53 = 45.5.

Based on our riding experiences, we're going to use CFPM to categorize our routes as the following:

Flat: 0 - 25 CFPM
Rolling: 26 - 35 CFPM
Hilly: 36 - 45 CFPM
Very Hilly: 46+ CFPM

This is our starting point. We might adjust the ranges based on feedback from members of the club.

If you want the details on the elevation of a particular route, members can go to our Ride With GPS club page to see the elevation information for each route. If you're a member and  have never logged into our club page, use these instructions to obtain access.