Fred Weiss: Treasurer

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Originally from Detroit, Michigan, Fred and his wife Mindi Silver-Weiss moved to San Antonio in September 2006.  Fred began his cycling career while work for Ford Motor Company as a facility manager at Ford Motor Company’s World Headquarters and Research & Engineering Center.  He joined the Ford Cycling Club and rode in his MS150 ride in 1996.  At that time the MS150 was at least 150 miles; and, riding season was typically May through October.

Fred retired from Ford, moved to San Antonio and worked for UTSA and H-E-B at senior-level facility management positions.  In 2008, Fred and Mindi joined the Wheelmen and took the Rider Education class taught by Cliff and others.

He rides his Wilier primarily with the Wheelmen and sometimes with his H-E-B friends. Although he may be the last rider in his group to finish, his bike riding goals are: (1) to be as good as his bike, and (2) finish where his ride home is.