We offer three routes for this ride. Our classic, 41-mile route is classified as rolling, but it's close to hilly. It's not for beginners because we don’t offer a no-drop route for this ride.

The 36-mile route is classified as rolling and is definitely less hilly than the 41-miler. This route is our stay-together route.

The 40-mile route is exactly like the 41-miler until the stop at the coffee shop. After the stop, the 40-miler takes you back through Landa Park—the same return route as the 36-miler.

The ride starts from the parking lot of Aerial Athletics at 17361 Bell N. Drive in Schertz.

GPS Routes
36 miles | Rolling | Category C | Includes Landa Park in the return
40 miles | Hilly | Category B or A | Includes Landa Park in the return
41 miles | Rolling | Category B or A | Includes Faust Street Bridge in the return

Legacy Maps
36 & 40 miles

Map to Start Location


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