Making the Right Choice

You are having a great day on the road enjoying the weather, scenery and companionship of other riders when you see a bike rider sitting on the ground on the side of the road. You have several choices of action here: (a) say “hello” and ride on; (b) say “are you OK” and ride on; or (c) stop to see if the rider needs help. Too often riders opt for choice (a) or (b). The proper choice is obviously (c). It will only take a few seconds to stop and if the rider is just enjoying the scenery and you can continue your ride. However, you will be doing a great service if the rider does have a problem. With the hot weather this summer, riders are bonking at a higher than normal rate. We obviously don’t want to leave someone who has had an accident or a health problem sitting on the roadside.

If the rider does have a problem ask a few questions to see what type of help is required. Perhaps another rider has gone back to get a vehicle and pick them up. In that case, it would be a good idea to stay with them until the help arrives. If they are riding alone, volunteer to come back and pick them up, but have someone stay with them if you are not riding alone. If the individual is injured or has a serious health problem you may have to call “911” to get an ambulance. Don’t take a chance – someone suffering from heat exhaustion or a head injury may say they are OK when they are not. A few questions and a short period of observation should reveal how serious their problem is.

Let’s watch out for each other. You could be the one of the side of the road in need of help.