Raymundo Rodriguez: President

Ray Rodriguez  joined the Wheelmen in 2012 after returning to San Antonio from a three year job assignment in California. Ray has been a cyclist all his life and he commutes to work whenever possible. He also enjoys riding single-track in and around McAllister park whenever possible. He served as our Executive VP in 2017 and became our President in 2018.
While living in Carlsbad, CA, his colleagues encouraged him to try skinny tires, lycra, and carbon fiber—he tried it and never looked back. He developed a passion for road riding and has been committed to it ever since. What most impressed Ray about joining the road crew in CA was the camaraderie and the culture. Whether you struggled to keep a 12 MPH pace or were able to fly at 20+, the group was supportive and welcoming before, during and after the ride. On one occasion his group was joined by Peter Sagan for the first half of a ride!

When Ray returned to San Antonio, he knew that in order to continue riding his road bike he’d have to find a group. Thanks to the Wheelmen and the friends he’s made, he’s been an active rider, volunteer, and RES Training ride leader/instructor since 2012.
On great weather days, Ray rides his carbon Specialized Roubaix. He rides his Trek Cross Rip Comp on rainy days. He rides a fixed-gear bike around town and a vintage tandem when he can get the family out for a spin.