David Levinson: Ride Chairperson

David was introduced to the San Antonio Wheelmen by member, Michael Archer.  He was welcomed by the membership and joined the Wheelmen in 2015.  He is an enthusiastic rider having just completed the Seattle To Portland ride in the summer of 2016.  You can usually catch him on his crazy orange Fuji Gran Fondo 2.3 any weekend on the Wheelmen rides bringing up the rear or helping out as the no-drop escort.

He has also been an enthusiastic club supporter as well.  He volunteered to help the club by being a ride starter, and supporting the Rider Education Series, as an assistant.  In 2017 David joined the Board as Ride Chair Coordinator.

David is lucky to have a strong supportive family.   His wife, Cheryl, has always encouraged him to participate in biking, and she even jumped in by helping him man a rest stop at the 2016 Reading Writing 100.  His daughter, Elisa, helped out riding sag while he rode in the 200 mile STP Event.