Our rides are open to riders of all levels. Rides are on public roads and all riders participate at their own risk. Each rider is responsible for his/her own safety. We require that all riders wear approved and properly fitted bicycle helmets in order to ride with the Wheelmen. You should also carry hydration and identification.

We only have no-drop rides where it is clearly stated on our calendar. No-drop means that a lead cyclist riding with the no-drop group will incorporate a "regrouping" of all riders at various points during the ride.

Rides without a no-drop designation will not have a no-drop leader who will wait for you at various points during the ride. It's your responsibility to identify a group in which you plan to ride at a specific pace and distance. We recommend that you definitely carry a map if you are unfamiliar with a route that is not designated as a no-drop route.

We assign a terrain designation to each route in a ride.  In addition, we categorize the routes of a ride based on what we expect the group's average speed will be.

Please arrive at least fifteen minutes prior to the posted start time, which indicates the time at which riders will be rolling out of the parking lot. You should arrive in time to sign our liability release form, grab a map, air up your tires, and listen to our pre-ride briefing.

Please note that riders under 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult on any Wheelmen ride.

List of Rides as of June 2018