Member of the Quarter for Q1 CY2015

Our member of the quarter, Victoria Cabello, in her words:

Personal Information:  I am currently 26 years old and was born and raised in Laredo, TX. I moved to San Antonio in July of this year to pursue a career in dental hygiene.

Wheelmen membership: I've been a SAW member since September when I first signed up for their Rider Education Series RR101. I dedicated a few Saturday mornings for a couple of months to ride with instructors and fellow students to obtain a better understanding of the sport of cycling. Because of the great instructors in the RR101 class, I have a newfound respect and passion for cycling. I currently serve as the secretary for the club, and look forward to working with the board and fellow members to fuel the passion for the sport and educate others who are willing to share the joy of riding.
Bike you ride: I'm currently riding a Women's 2013 Jamis Satellite road bike--Not the best of bikes, but It's my first road bike and it does the job!
Bike you would like to ride: Soon, I would hope to ride a Women's Specialized Amira Sport road bike!
Describe your favorite ride:  Although I don't have a favorite ride at the moment, any ride over 30 miles is enjoyable! Gotta love putting in those miles!
Describe your riding experience: I'll admit I'm a newbie to cycling. I've only been riding for about 6-7 months. However, the RR101 class really helped me develop the skills I needed to feel comfortable on the road. I never thought I would be capable of riding 15 miles..much less 40, but with the help and support from Cliff, Bill, and other Wheelman instructors, I was able to do just that! Thanks to them, I am more confident on the bike, which has made my riding experience that much more enjoyable!
Other information about yourself: Dental hygiene school has taken up much of my leisure time, but when I do have a chance for a study break, I enjoy cooking and baking, reading, and exploring the outdoors any way that I can (which is mostly when I'm on my bike).