Member of the Month for December 2011

Fellow riders, please join the San Antonio Wheelmen in recognizing Shawn Gordon as the December 2012 Member of the Month. Shawn and his girlfriend, Melissa Mintern, have been active members since November 2010. He is also a Road Riding 101/201 graduate and has been an instructor for several classes this year, usually encouraging our new riders to “stretch their legs” at the close of outings.

Shawn loves riding the downtown San Antonio area, and is the leader of the monthly Urban Breakfast Ride. Companions on these rides have seen him pedaling his current bike, a 2009 Fuji Roubaix, but Shawn will be checking under the Christmas tree for a Orbea Orca (preferably in orange), which is his current favorite.

With about a year and a half riding experience under his belt, he currently is focused on road riding, but would like to expand into mountain biking as well. He took on his first “event ride” this year, completing the MS 150 from Houston to Austin, and now has his sights on the Hotter'N Hell next year as well as Houston to Austin and San Antonio to New Braunfels MS 150's,

When he is not leading rides, Shawn is a sales representative for Lincare Home Respiratory.

Congratulations to the December 2011 Wheelmen Member of the Month, Shawn Gordon!