Ride Chairman Update

We have had a number of interesting rides this year. We rode to Castroville, and also had a fun ride from Welfare to Comfort. Two weeks ago we rode up to Sattler and had a beautiful ride down River Road to New Braunfels. Last week was the Brietzke Pie Ride where the club paid for our desert. We had three tables of eaters! 

Coming up on the last Saturday in March we are planning a Bullis Park Taco Ride, in which we will be serving breakfast tacos and drinks beginning at 7:15. Hopefully, we can provide breakfast for future rides starting on the last Saturday of a month.

As discussed in the President’s Message, new and old routes are being developed and refined.  One route I am excited to be working on is the Devil’s Backbone Ride. The board has created a number of variable rides that will be incorporated into this ride. It will be one of the most challenging rides for the strong riders and will have a southern loop which will be a true delight to other riders. Watch for the Devil’s Backbone on future schedules!

The board also discussed getting away from paper maps.  Hopefully we will be rolling out an exciting and amazing solution that all of you will embrace.  More details on this will be forthcoming.

Lastly, the board has initiated plans to implement rider classifications to help you have better rides with compatible riders. So, watch for the roll out of this too.

Anyone with ideas or suggestions on any of these new events, drop me a line at David@LevinsonLaw.com