W100 Route Review Ride on Labor Day

We are reviewing the routes of the Wheelmen 100 and we would love to have your help in this task! Yes, you can get in a great Labor Day ride and help us ensure that the routes do not require modification due to significant road surface or environmental changes on the course.

No, you will not need to ride the full 100, 63, or 44-mile routes of the Wheelmen 100! Instead, you can ride one of the following sections:

The plan is for everyone to meet at the Whataburger at I-10 & 1604 for maps and instructions. We will provide you with paper maps and pencils so that you can make notes during your review of your section.

Since our four sections must cover all roads included in the Wheelmen 100, there are three different start locations for the four sections. After our pre-brief at Whataburger, we’ll all depart for one of the start locations and begin our ride. Once you complete your section, you’ll return to the Whataburger for a review of your feedback. Lunch will follow! 

Sections A, B, & D do not have any convenience stores--be sure to bring at least two bottles of water if you plan to ride one of these sections! 

There will be two or more people reviewing each section. If you wish to help us with our route reviews, please contact Bill @ 469-693-8247 or Tony @ 210-865-2645.

We hope to see you on Monday!

Tony Beauford
PresidentSan Antonio Wheelmen