Agenda for February 25th, 2016 SAW Board Meeting

Agenda for February 25th, 2016 SAW Board Meeting

New Business 1. Treasure’s report – Sandy a. Update on finances b. Update on Sec of State filing c. SAPD account closed and money put in general fund? d. Status of club debit card(s)

  1. Rides and ride starter status – Cindy a. Future joint Valero rides b. Joint rides with other clubs? (Austin, Houston) c. Ride Categories d. Insurance disclaimer announcements at each ride

  2. Membership update – Tony

  3. Progress on new annual ride. – Bill Next committee meeting tbd

  4. Social committee - appoint VP of Social Events? Social events & special rides for 2016

    1. Awards Post past award recipients on the website Distinguished Service President’s Awards Neal T. Collins Founder’s Award (create this?) Top ride starters
  5. Website e. Restart member of the month f. Finalize the “What We Do” web page. g. Accumulate, scan & archive historical docs on the website - preserve our history. Photos of past presidents ?

  6. MISC New Logo design New alternate jersey design Invite specific members to board meetings - not just a general invite. Past board members , others.